Brooke House College

Brooke House College is an international highschool with boarding. The school has a couple of very unique features and draws students from around the world who are partifularly interested in;

* Football – the school offers leading Football coaching through its football academy and the chance to develop a professional football career. At least 60 students have graduated from Brooke House College and gone on to play professional Football.
Weekday afternoons at the Football Academy Brooke House College deliver a Long Term Player Development Model which looks to develop players technically, tactically, physically and psychologically. This is delivered through daily sessions on the training pitch alongside classroom and analysis workshops with additional gym work while incorporated into their individual development programmes.

* A Motorsports Academy – An individualised program for youth who are interested in developing and pursing an interest in Motorsports. Some begin at the Karting level, while others are already integrated into a championship team – this could be Formula Renault or F3 leading to F1. The school finds students a team and support a combination of academics and motorsports development.

Brooke House College offers students the chance to study GCSE, A levels and also Foundation studies. Classes can be morning only so that students may pursue their academy interests in the afternoons.

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